Beginning today, June 2, 2016, Our Lady is asking that I begin anew with a website dedicated to Her as Our Lady of the River.  Please click the link below for Our Lady of the River.

Janine Lariviere, author 

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Our Mission here at "Coming Home to the Mother" is to bring souls into the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mother of God wishes it to be known that Her loving presence is of special importance at this time in our earthly history because She has been sanctioned by the Father to bring souls into loving connection with Her open and loving heart. Mother has made it clear to her servant, Janine, that she is to be a part of this journey to bring souls home to Her and into the Light of her womb, Jesus. 

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Coming Home to the Mother

​​​A Story of Miracles and Teachings of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the People of Today